July Crushes

26 Jul

It may be midsummer everywhere else in California, but here in San Francisco, fog reigns. So while sundresses may not be on regular rotation in our closet this July, we like to inject a little summer into our wardrobe with these neon yellow patent Bloch flats. They look fabulous with navy (which we wear, oh, we don’t know, ALWAYS) and just peering down at them makes us feel ever so slightly sunnier. (AND the patent is pretty darn kid-resistant. AND they’re on sale right now at Net-A-Porter. Do you really need any more reasons?)

The staff at Village Market may rock a hipster-y indifference that suggests they hate us and everything we’re about, but dammit if they don’t make a vegetarian breakfast sandwich so excellent that we return each week for another serving of scorn and sustenance. The setting itself is rustic and decidedly European, a market/café/communal library full of travel guides, classic novels and Dr. Seuss volumes for the kiddos. (We also recently spotted a copy of our fourth grade favorite, Island of the Blue Dolphins. Rad.)

The Little Lady has been cursed with evil diaper rash from hell. After trying virtually every over-the-counter treatment and switching from Pampers to chemical-free hippie diapers with zero luck, our pediatrician prescribed Butt Balm II, a proprietary compound reserved for only the most hopeless of cases and made by a lone San Francisco pharmacy. The stuff is MAGIC: improvement within a matter of hours and almost complete eradication within days. Few insurance companies cover it and a teeny-tiny jar costs $45 (we’re already on our second jar), but as any parent who’s seen truly severe diaper rash can attest, we’d happily slather La Mer on our child’s behind if it meant sparing her that agony.

When looking to add a little pattern to our wardrobe, Stripes are our trusted go-to: they’re clean, symmetrical and completely unfussy. (Which also pretty much sums up our style aka BORING.) In search of a little whimsy, we’re considering some of the charming polka dots featured this coming fall season. We adore these Loeffler Randall “Natalie” flats that are part prim, part rock and roll, and 100% gorgeous, as well as the entire J.Crew fall collection. How insanely cool does that little girl look? We want her entire Crewcuts outfit. For ourself. Now. And those Superga 2750’s in navy polka dots? Stop invading our dreams, J.Crew!

Totally unadorned black coffee is our thing, but with an active child to chase and an endless to-do list to vanquish, we’re wanting for a little sustenance in our morning cup to tide us over until an inevitably late lunch. We recently splurged on an organic whole milk cappuccino from Ritual Roasters at Proxy in Hayes Valley and were completely wowed. It was so luscious, so satisfying, that it would be impossible to describe here without being accused of hyperbole. Try one yourself and then we’ll talk. (You’ll probably see us there on some bullshit “errand” we invented just so we’d happen to be in the neighborhood.)

3 Responses to “July Crushes”

  1. idontwantthelove 27 July 2012 at 9:07 am #

    We call this Butt Cream (use for really bad diaper rash only). I got the recipe from my pediatrician: Squeeze one tube of Lamasil (for athlete’s foot), one tube of neosporin, and one tube of zinc oxide into a ziploc baggie. Smush around to mix. Cut a tiny hole in one corner. Stand the baggie up in a cup when you are done so the lotion doesn’t get everywhere.


    • priss&vinegar 1 August 2012 at 9:03 am #

      Brilliant! I’m going to whip up a batch today and see how it stacks up against the Butt Balm. Thank you kindly for the recipe!


  2. Dorine Szekely 8 January 2013 at 8:55 pm #

    when my baby gets diaper rashes, i always use zinc oxide cream to treat it.;

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