Thursday Links 4.10.14

10 Apr
From a classic San Francisco landmark to…this. Somebody hold me.

From classic San Francisco landmark to…this. Somebody hold me.

  • The lovely old Huntington Hotel where my husband proposed has been transformed into a jewel-toned nightmare called The Scarlet Huntington. A tiny piece of my soul just died. (Curbed SF)
  • Labeling Prince George a “bruiser” after his play date in New Zealand is, uh, attributing a lot of intent to the actions of an eight month-old. (LaineyGossip)
  • I sure do hope that transitioning to mainstream network television doesn’t ruin the offbeat charm of Stephen Colbert. I have an icky feeling about this… (Entertainment Weekly)
  • Oh wait, the backlash is already happening: thanks, Internet! Conservative blogger Ben Shapiro is comparing Colbert’s farcical right-wing persona to performing in blackface, demonstrating both that he doesn’t understand racism and can’t take a joke. (Salon)
  • Selecting bedside sconces for the new house and have a major crush on the Barbara Barry “Graceful Ribbon Sconce.” What’s that you hear? Oh, just the sound of my husband’s head exploding. (Circa Lighting)
  • Monogrammed Easter totes? Don’t mind if I do! Get on it and place your order so they’ll arrive by Easter, y’all. (Lands’ End)
  • Only Lena Dunham could figure out a way to make her kid sister’s coming out story all about her. I wish there was a remote island we could send her to forever with Anne Hathaway, Kim Kardashian, and everyone else who is just the WORST. (People)
  • You all know I’m a fool for Off the Grid (aka the yuppie food court), so count me among the many celebrating the return of Off the Grid Twilight this evening in the Presidio. (Inside Scoop SF @ SFGate)
  • A genius compilation of the 25 best insults from the best comedy on television you’re not watching. (Rolling Stone)

2 Responses to “Thursday Links 4.10.14”

  1. Marcy 14 April 2014 at 10:32 am #

    All of this! Ugh, The Huntington has been completely ruined. I want to cry. And I am afraid for Stephen Colbert, too.


    • priss&vinegar 21 April 2014 at 10:40 am #

      Right? I was planning to visit The Big Four for a Fusco Farwell Tour martini, but I think it might break my heart too much to see that garish mess in person.


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