{Party! Party! Party!} A Neon Second Birthday Celebration

16 Jul

IMG_7780As we wrote several weeks ago, we promised the Hus-b a “simple” affair for the Little Lady’s second birthday aaaand retraded the moment we saw these impossibly adorable Sucre Shop party forks. Their preppy neon dots inspired a palette of hot pink, highlighter yellow and crisp navy that was appropriately playful without being garish. Add some pregnancy-induced insomnia and a Pinterest app on our iPhone for middle-of-the-night surfing, and an array of complementary DIY details fell into place. The resulting celebration turned out exactly as we’d hoped: it felt special without being too precious or pretty to be *fun.*


We adored this charming party table set-up and reproduced it pretty faithfully with some DIY touches of our own. Each kraft gable lunchbox was personalized with the guest’s name and adorned with garlands of baker’s twine and washi tape flags. (We may be a tad late to the washi tape party, but *hot damn*, that stuff is amazing.) The table itself was topped with white butcher paper and scattered with fluorescent-hued Melissa & Doug crayons for mealtime masterpieces. Hot pink beribboned balloons adorned each child’s seat, and a Geronimo Balloon Troopers-style balloon functioned as a fun — and decidedly kid-friendly — centerpiece.


Knowing that sugar-laden cake lay ahead, we began the festivities with healthy organic lunch boxes filled with petite takeout containers of fruit salad and waxed paper-wrapped sandwiches on perfectly miniature Cake Box Bakery slider rolls. Okay, AND some marginally nutritious Annie’s Cheesy Bunnies, which we included because they are the Little Lady’s favorite. (Well, second favorite. After bacon. That’s our girl!)


In the process of creating our mock Geronimo balloons, we went a little nuts with the fancy flair. Our cutwork was far from flawless (how we passed kindergarten without being able to cut in a straight line we’ll never know), but using varied textures like tissue, mylar and crinkle wrap and finishing the tassels with tailored navy-and-white striped washi tape can cover a multitude of crafting sins. Zillions of tutorials are available online but we especially liked this one at Mint Love Social Club.




We really do adore baking, but the prospect of being responsible for a layered birthday cake for 40 guests along with the many other projects we’d taken on was just.too.much. (That and Costco sheet cake ROCKS.) To make our store-bought cake feel appropriately special, we created a garland of mini tissue tassels (thanks to this fantastic tutorial at Paisley Petal Events) and affixed it atop the cake with wooden kebab skewers.


The adult lunch buffet got a special DIY touch as well with navy-and-white washi tape party forks. We *loved* how crossing the striped washi tape on itself created a gingham pattern.


And we haven’t even gotten to the venue yet, which was *perfect* for a toddler-centric affair. San Francisco Gymnastics entertains (and exhausts!) your little ones with a bounce house, trampolines, and miniature versions of every variety of gymnastic equipment imaginable.


We sent our tiny guests off with neon-hued party favors featuring one of the Little Lady’s all-time favorite toys: Ultra Spin Bubbles, which generates zillions of bubbles in seconds (with minimal parental effort, we might add). Kids go bananas for this thing and we feel like the Pied Piper every time we bring ours to the playground.

Many thanks to our family and friends who helped make this party possible given that we are hugely pregnant and decidedly less capable than usual. It was so important for us to give the Little Lady an extra-special birthday before we upend her universe with a sibling later this summer. Mission.Accomplished.

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One Response to “{Party! Party! Party!} A Neon Second Birthday Celebration”

  1. Rosemarie Marks 18 July 2013 at 5:58 am #

    Mommy, you rock!!! Charlotte is a lucky little lady:)

    Like this

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