The Top 10 Reasons San Francisco Rules

4 Feb

Tough breaks yesterday, San Francisco. Tough.Breaks. But cheer up, because while the Ravens may have won the Lombardi Trophy, they have to take it home. To Baltimore.

Listing the reasons why San Francisco is superior to “Ball-more” just seems cruel, so instead, I’m sharing the top 10 reasons why I think San Francisco is the bee’s knees. Here goes:

My favorite cappuccino courtesy of those mustachioed devils at Ritual Roasters

My favorite cappuccino courtesy of those mustachioed devils at Ritual Roasters

10. The extremely high hipster-to-non-hipster ratio all but guarantees that you will never drink bad coffee. Or have trouble finding a bike mechanic.

Example #2,714: A free, annual bluegrass festival in the middle of Golden Gate Park.

Example #2,714: An annual and FREE bluegrass music festival in the middle of Golden Gate Park.

9. If you’re bored in San Francisco, you have no one to blame but yourself.


8. Very close proximity to delicious, delicious wine.


7. She is so darn pretty.

6. There are a zillion little neighborhoods, and truly, someplace for everyone. (That is, unless you’re a Republican.)


5. It’s a magical place to be a child. (Or to be one all over again with your own tiny humans.)

As if.

4. There is no “Real Housewives of San Francisco” franchise.


3. Say it with me: “Tahoe”.


NBD, just the Leg of Beast dinner at Incanto. Chris Cosentino was in that night. Working the LINE.

2. Admit it: you love talking about food like it’s an actual genre of entertainment.

My favorite San Francisco weirdos.

My favorite San Francisco weirdos. (Photo courtesy of Leigh Miller Photography)

1. San Francisco is a strange and wonderful place where you can do just about anything (except be naked in public as of last Friday) and there will invariably be someone else right there along with you, thinking that same thing is awesome. It’s a city of great diversity and yet many kindred spirits. I so very proud to call it home.

One Response to “The Top 10 Reasons San Francisco Rules”

  1. Dave 5 February 2013 at 2:18 pm #

    As a jaded NYC native, I didn’t think I could be shocked by much of anything, until I walked past Santa Claus’ twin brother strolling through Union Square in downtown SF on a blustery June afternoon, buck naked. (Well buck naked except for a very small back back). To my amazement, I was the only one on the street seemingly disturbed by this. Why, I wondered, was he not arrested for exposing himself? I then came to find out it was TOTALLY LEGAL! Only in SF. And only in SF would a long overdue law finally requiring a man’s block and tackle to be kept in his tackle box when walking past the Disney Store, be protested as a fascist infringement on civil liberties and freedom. Glad to know I now have the freedom to enjoy my Blue Bottle cappuccino without having to see old man winter’s junk jog by in my peripheral vision. Thank you San Francisco.


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