Special Delivery!

7 Sep

We have reached that special time of life when it seems that everyone around us is welcoming babies into their families. (If we used unbaby.me, our Facebook feed would be entirely comprised of strips of bacon and Cavalier King Charles puppies.) This means that we attend a lot of baby showers, order monogrammed onesies like it’s our job, and deliver regular care packages to our deliriously happy and exhausted friends. When it comes to the care package, we often struggle with what is most helpful to new parents: A tray of homemade enchiladas? (Not exactly the healthy meal postpartum moms have in mind.) Bags of groceries? (Hmmm, we loathe when other people grocery shop for us.) Frozen fruit for making smoothies? (Hogs up valuable freezer space now devoted to breast milk storage.)

Our new (and thus far, favorite) answer is wholesome whole wheat muffins packed with vegetables and fruit. We’ve recently produced satisfying batches of Zucchini Muffins and Apple Muffins (both recipes by way of the eminently reliable Smitten Kitchen). They’re perfect for grabbing on the go, contain loads of fiber *and* actual produce, freeze brilliantly and are toddler tasted-and-approved by the Little Lady. (This most recent batch of apple muffins was extra special because the apples came from our in-laws’ bountiful garden in Sonoma. It doesn’t get much more local or organic than that!) Another tasty care package we’ve imagined is lowfat granola, a jar of homemade jam, and a giant tub of Fage Greek yogurt for breakfast parfaits on the fly. (As if we needed another reason to stock our pantry full of jam.) We may not be able to dole out sleep gift certificates (if only), but we can provide healthy snacks to sustain our new parent friends through the next round of feeding and diapering.


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