{Welcoming the Stork} Your Picture-Perfect Second Trimester

1 Aug

After three months of sucking in your gut, suffering every foul odor within a five-mile radius, and hiding the most impossibly exciting secret ever, welcome to your second trimester. (This part is actually pretty fun.)

Proceed with telling everyone and their mom! That is, unless YOUR mom already told them. Which she probably did. (Since she’s officially lost all sense and reason since learning she’s going to be a grandma.) However you decide to share the exciting news will be wonderful, but for what it’s worth, P&V prefers a personal announcement to posting scans of your uterus on Facebook.

It could be worse.

Superstition (and nausea-related weight loss) keeps a lot of women out of the maternity section during their first trimester, but now is the time to treat yourself to jeans that fit without the assistance of a rubber band (P&V favors Paige Premium Denim), some proper maternity tops (your husband’s shirts do not count) and one well-cut, classic dress to have on hand for dressier occasions. (And if you’ve experienced growth in, ahem, other regions, a new bra might also be in order.)

“Honey, the baby’s talking: he refuses to come out until I lose the Cosby sweater!”

While it may be a little agro to start your fetus’s preschool applications, parents should sign themselves up for childbirth and newborn care classes ASAP. The most desirable class times book up quickly, so unless you want to spend Labor Day weekend practicing swaddles and tennis ball massage, look alive and calendar some seshes at your education center of choice. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, P&V highly recommends the “Pregnancy Value Package” of classes at DayOne. (To note: the Hus-b thinks you could turn the breastfeeding course into a drinking game by taking a shot every time the instructor says “liquid gold”.)

Eat, sleep and enjoy the sound of NO baby crying

Don’t be like us and deem yourself too elephantine to appear publicly in a swimsuit; just take a damn vacation with your partner, if for no other reason than THEY have earned it for putting up with your cray-cray pregnant behavior.

May we present Exhibit A…

Exercise and don’t be a human trash compactor. This should be fairly obvious, but is soooo tempting to dive face-first into all of the junk food you would ordinarily deny yourself. As for the “breast-is-best” mafia saying the weight will magically fall off from breastfeeding? LIARS.

What, no lamby swing? Put me back in.

It might be a little early to start buying Bumbos and burp cloths (there will be plenty of time yet for your home to be cluttered with kid crap), but now is an excellent time to order nursery furniture and begin your registry. We experienced delays with nearly all of the Little Lady’s furniture, so we had to bring her home to an unfinished nursery. It didn’t *really* matter — she slept in a bassinet in our room for months anyway — but it certainly wasn’t the romantic vision we’d had of our child’s homecoming.

We also initially bristled at the idea of a gift registry, but friends and baby shower guests have come to expect them, and we actually found the process helpful in preparing our master baby to-do list. (Yes, we have one, and, yes, it’s awesome. If you’re like us and itemized charts with check boxes float your boat, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to pass it along.)

Next Week in {Welcoming the Stork}: Our Been There, Done That Mama Friends Tell You What You Actually NEED (aka put *down* the wipes warmer and pacifier cases)

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