Plum Tarts & Jean Paul Gaultier

18 Jul

It feels frivolous, absurd even, to write about our everyday comings and goings after the seriousness of yesterday’s post. How to segue between admiring the grand professional dreams of one woman to chronicling the museum visits and baking habits of another?

There isn’t a synergy there really, except that both represent lives spent in a satisfying and meaningful way to the ones living it. (And isn’t that the point?) We never aspired to be Marie Curie or Sandra Day O’Connor or Diane Sawyer; we hoped (simply) to be forever curious, to parent several capable and thoughtful children, and to create a beautiful life for our family. (And *maybe* write a book about all of it eventually.)

Whether it horrifies or inspires you, this is our actual life as a part-time lawyer, full-time mom and accidental housewife. Thank you for reading, for caring, and for putting up with our unbecoming propensity for cursing. Chronicling it all here for you is a hell of a lot of fun.

We, along with Gigi (aka our mother who shall not be called “Grandma”), recently took the Little Lady to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the de Young Museum. While we may not have coveted the designs as intensely as we did at the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit several years ago (also at the de Young), we couldn’t help but admire Gaultier’s boldness, whimsy and impeccable craftsmanship. The Little Lady, for her part, was totally mesmerized by the hologram-faced mannequins in the entry hall who alternately smiled, pouted and spoke. (Madam Mayor also enjoyed waving hello to every.single.person viewing the exhibition that afternoon. Hiding behind our skirts she is decidedly not.)

Inspired by a recipe we found on Orangette (by way of The Kitchn) and possessed of a plethora of gorgeous golden plums from our in-laws’ garden, today we whipped up a luscious plum crumble for a weeknight dinner party.

The finished crumble turned out tart, crunchy, and surprisingly cake-like (thanks to a single egg in the crumble topping). It was also a legit, 30-minutes-or-less of prep time type of recipe. We often call bullshit on so-called “quick” recipes, but we hurried home from the market and banged this thing out with enough time to make our afternoon appointment with the dermatologist. This recipe will be officially joining the ranks of our dinner party regulars along with Martha Stewart’s scalloped potatoes, Giada’s Italian Caesar salad and Cooks’ Illustrated’s creamy parmesan polenta.

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